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  Cessna Airmaster RC 41.8" 1/2A Tex. R/C Scale 8.95

Cessna Airmaster RC Semi-kit; Plans+Pr.Wood 27.95
The classic Cessna Airmaster was first done as a 20" rubber model, then a 40" Jumbo rubber model and finally as a 1/2A Texaco scale RC model. In all sizes, this is an outstanding model - easy to build, great flyer, and NO wing struts!

Cessna Airm. Cowl w/ bmps for 40" & RC 6.95
The Cessna cowl is offered as a vacuformed piece in .030 white ABS with the rocker arm 'bumps' already formed. This is quite a time saver.

Cessna Airm. Cowl bumps for 40" & RC 2 sets/2.49
If you'd rather build a balsa cowl, these vacuformed 'bumps' of .015" ABS will help finish the job.

FW 56 Stosser Plan 48" 1/2A Tex.R/C Scale 9.95
The Focke Wulf Stosser is a beautifully proportioned late 30s/early 40s German trainer/fighter. Parasol wing mount, eliptical outlines.

FW 56 Semi-kit Plans & Pr.Wood 29.95
Stosser semi-kit comes with balsa and ply printwood, wing mounting hardware, 2 Easter eggs, and the smaller decals.

FW 56 Extra Hardware [Five 2/56 nylon screws + 4 solder lugs] 1.95

FW56 Vacuformed parts 8.95
Four vacuformed parts include the cowl, cockpit, stab mount and gun tubs - all in .030" white ABS. Saves lots of building time.

Egg Spinners(2) Plastic, 2 pc; 1 3/4" dia 2.49
Yes - genuine colorful plastic snap-apart Easter eggs - used as spinners on the FW56 (mount with a small aluminum bracket + 2 screws) and the FW TA152 (front part actually snaps off to allow winding by the prop shaft).

Longster 44.2" 1/2A TEX. RC Scale 7.95
This one is probably the Long brothers first airplane. It's a shoulder wing with an easily made 3 cyl replica engine. Includes a 3 view.

Porterfield Collegiate 43.4" 1/2A TEX. RC Scale 7.95
Pre-WWII trainer/sport plane - lots of character. Includes a nice 3 view.

Porterfield Cowl Picture

Porterfield Overall Picture

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