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(US $)
Photo Link
Mailing Tube18", 25" or 36" as requiredFor rolled plans - just one needed per order2.00 NA
Maule Lunar Rocket16"NOCAL1.49 Maule
ME-163B Komet13"CO2,(A23) Profile Scale2.00 Komet
Miles Mohawk35"Rubber Scale7.95 Mohawk
MiG-316"NOCAL1.49 MiG
Mini-Set; Ser. 119" - 21"OT Semi-kit: Buzzard Bombshell, New Ruler, Sunduster 22.95 Mark Whalen's  Bombshell
Mini-Set, Ser. 219" - 21"OT Semi-kit: Playboy Senior, Record Breaker, Trenton Terror 22.95 Playboy Senior
Record Breaker
Trenton Terror
Mini-Set, Ser. 319" - 21"OT Semi-kit, Interceptor, Kerswap, Rocketeeer A 22.95 Mark Fineman's Interceptor
Mini-set, Ser. 419" - 21"OT Semi-kit, Brooklyn Dodger, Miss America, Wedgy 22.95 Mark Fineman's Brooklyn Dodger
Mark Fineman's Miss America
Series 4
Mitsubishi Claude16"NOCAL1.49 Claude
Monocoupe29" and 40"Rubber Scale 7.95 Monocoupe
Morane-Saulnier A122"Rub., CO2, Elec. Scale7.95 M-S A1
750 square inches
[scaled from 665]
75.25"C Nostalgia Gas9.95 MS ABC 3 V My Sin Pic
MY SIN ABC 665 square inches
[original My Sin]
71"ABC Nostalgia Gas 9.95 MS ABC 3 V My Sin Pic

MY SIN ABC 665 laser cut ribs71" ABC Nostalgia Gas 39.95 MS ABC 3 V My Sin Pic
MY SIN ABC 665 laser cut ribs + plans71"ABC Nostalgia Gas 49.95 MS ABC 3 V My Sin Pic
500 square inches
[scaled from 665]
60.6".15-.19 Nostalgia Gas 8.95 MS 500 3 V
My Sin Pic
[scaled from .020]
39"1/2A Nostalgia Gas 6.95 MS 1/2A 3 V (same outline as .020)
MY SIN .0224"Cox .02 Nostalgia Gas 4.95 MS .02 3 V
Napier-Heston16"NOCAL1.49 Napier
Napier-Heston32"Rubber Scale6.95 N-H
NJAPF 30" Laser cut P-30 Rubber Competition 29.95 NJAPF
No Touch Hombre30-34".02 PW and Paaload 4.95 No Touch Hombre
NOCALs, set of 22 NOCAL scale17.95 See individual NOCAL pics 
NOCAL Ribs 1 Set + 1 plan   Laser cut ribs, one set is enough to build any AALmps NOCAL except Highes Racer 2.95 Ribs, plus see individual NOCAL pics 
NOCAL Ribs 5 Set + 5 plans     12.95 See individual NOCAL pics 
NOCAL Ribs 10 Sets + 10 plans    22.95 See individual NOCAL pics 
NOCAL Ribs 19 Sets + all 22 plans    42.95 See individual NOCAL pics 
NOCAL Ribs 5 Sets, no plans    7.95 See individual NOCAL pics 
NOCAL Ribs 10 Sets, no plans    14.95 See individual NOCAL pics 
Pacemaker20"CO2 Old Timer4.95 Pacemaker
Peanuts, set of 6 Peanut Scale4.95 See individual models
Pigeon-Fraser Pursuit23 7/8"CO2 Scale5.95 Pigeon Fraser
Polikarpov Mosca16"NOCAL1.49 MOSCA
Porterfield Collegiate43.4" 1/2A TEX. RC Scale 7.95 Porterfield Cowl
Porterfield Overall
Powerhouse21 3/4"CO2 Old Timer 4.95Powerhouse
P-4016"NOCAL1.49 P-40
P-5116"NOCAL1.49 P-51
Rocketeer A42"SAM Old Timer Laser Parts33.00 Rocketeer A
Rocketeer A42"SAM Old Timer Plan9.00 Rocketeer A
Rocketeer A42"SAM Old Timer Plan and Laser Parts42.00 Rocketeer A
See Peanuts, Set  Rose Parrakeet13"Peanut Part of setRose
RWD-824"Rubber Scale5.95 RWD-8
See Peanuts, Set Ryan M-113"PeanutPart of set Ryan
R2 Bumblebee16"NOCAL1.49 R2
Skylark30"RC/FF Mini-XL kit 26.95 Skylark
Sperry Messenger18"Rubber Scale 4.95 Messenger
Spitfire16"NOCAL1.49 Spitfire
Strato-Streak29.8"FF Mini-XL Kit 26.95 Strato-Streak
Swee' Pea16"NOCAL1.49 Swee' Pea
Texas Temple Monoplane37 1/2" Rubber Scale9.95 Texas Temple
TT Engine
 See Peanuts, Set Timm Collegiate13"Peanut Part of set Timm
Tipsy Junior16"NOCAL1.49 Tipsy
Tools 'n' Techniques
NALathe/Torque meter/Balsa Stripper(all 3) 1.95/setLathe
Tomboy 36" UK 1950s model for Mills diesel 5.15 Tomboy
Trenton Terror 28" Scaled down Old Timer 7.95 Trenton Terror
Trenton Terror Plan & LASER parts 28" Scaled Down Old Timer22.95 Trenton Terror
Turbo Porter40"Rubber scale Jumbo7.95 Turbo-Porter
Viking29"Mini-XL Kit26.95 Viking
Vulcan American Moth29 1/2"CO2,Rubber Scale6.95 Moth
Wahoo30".020 gas Replica 4.95Wahoo
Zero16"NOCAL1.49 Zero
Zlin16"NOCAL 1.49 Zlin


Mini Old Timers

The Minis are all scaled down pre-1942 gas models. All models in Series 1 - 4  have wingspans from 19" to 22".

Mini Series 1 thru 4

are semi-kits: plans, instructions and printwood for curved/sheet parts. Mini-sets; in a 3" X 3" X 18" box for $22.95 each set of 3 models.

Mini-Series 1 = Buzzard Bombshell, New Ruler, Sunduster
Mini-Series 2 = Joe Elgin's Cleveland Playboy Senior, Chet Lanzo's Record Breaker, Mickey DeAngelis' Trenton Terror
Mini-Series 3 = Carl Goldberg's Interceptor, Gil Morris' Kerswap, Maurice Shoenbrun's Rocketeer A
Mini-Series 4 = Sal Taibi's Brooklyn Dodger, Carl Schmaedig and Frank Zaic's Miss America, Leon Shulman's Wedgy

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