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Add 18% for postage and handling to addresses in the U.S. : Pay Pal will calculate and add this amount to your order.  

For shipments overseas, Pay Pal will add shipping costs as follows:

0 to US $9.99: $4.00

10.00 to 29.99: 8.00

30.00 to 59.99: 12.00

Above 60.00: 15.00

Items listed are model plans unless noted otherwise, and are shipped folded. If you want rolled plans shipped in a mailing tube, look for "Mailing Tube" at the top of the list..


If you'd like to order on-line and pay by PayPal,
click on the 'Add To Cart' PayPal logo at the beginning of each line below.

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C = Color; B/W = Xeroxed copy; all 8 1/2" X 11" unless noted

Buy it? Name Type/Size Price
Mailing Tube For rolled plans - just one needed per order. No need to order a mailing tube for kits. 18", 25" or 36"as required2.00
American Eaglet3 view  B/W + Color Print3.49
Cessna Airmaster3 view & photos; 2 B/W1.95
Cessna AirmasterColor Print2.95
MonocoupeColor Print (red/blk)2.95
MonocoupeColor Print (red/wht+blue/wht)2.95
Morane-SaulnierColor 3 view (camouflage)2.95
Morane-SaulnierColor Print (silver)2.95
Napier-HestonText, pics and 3V; 5- 11 X 17 B/W1.95
Rose Parrakeet3 Views (40&65hp) 2- 11 X 17 B/W1.95
Rose ParrakeetColor Print (yellow)2.95
Rose ParrakeetColor Print (red/blk)2.95
Texas Temple MonoplaneColor Print2.95
Texas Temple Monoplane3 View - 15" X 21" black line print1.95
Turbo-PorterColor Print (camouflage)2.95
Turbo-PorterColor Print N346F (white, blue & lt blue)2.95
Vulcan American MothColor Print 2.95

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