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Mailing Tube18", 25" or 36" as requiredFor rolled plans - just one needed per order. No need to order a mailing tube for kits.2.50 NA
Answer24"CO2 Old Timer4.95 Answer
See 'Peanuts, Set' Arrow Sport13"PeanutPart of Set Arrow Sport
Baby Corsair29.8"Mini-XL Old Timer Kit26.95 Baby Corsair
Bad News and Annie18" and 16"CL Mouse Racers4.95 Bad News
Ballerina16"NOCAL1.49 Ballerina
Bathtub22 1/4"CO2 Scale4.95 Bathtub
Beechcraft Staggerwing16"NOCAL1.49 Beech
Blohm-Voss BV-14116"NOCAL1.49 BV 141
BV-141 plan only 28 1/4" Rubber scale 7.95


BV-141 laser parts only 28 1/4" Rubber scale 25.95 BV-141
BV-141 laser parts and plan 28 1/4"Rubber scale 31.95 BV-141
Cabinette - same as G.E. Cabinette36"Old Timer LASER parts and plan26.95 Cabinette
Cabinette36"Old Timer Plan7.95 Cabinette
CAVU30"Mini-XL Old Timer LASER Kit30.95 CAVU
Cessna Airmaster20"Rubber Scale Walnut4.95 20" Cessna
Cessna Airmaster40"Rubber Scale Jumbo6.95 40" Cessna
Cessna Airmaster RC41.8"1/2A Tex. Scale Plans8.95 Cessna RC
Cessna Airmaster CowlNA Vacuformed for 40" and RC6.95 Cessna Cowl
Cessna Airmaster Cowl BumpsNA Vacuformed for 40" and RC2 Sets/2.49 Cowl Bumps
Cessna Centurion16"NOCAL1.49 Centurion
Catalog26 pgsAll Models Illustrated 1.00 NA
Dayton-Wright Racer27 3/4"Rubber Scale 6.95 DW Racer
See Peanut Set Deperdussin13"PeanutPart of set Deperdussin
Don Ross book "Rubber Powered Model Airplanes" 168 pagesAbout: Rubber flying models: fun, scale or competition 14.95 Book Cover
Back Cover
Egg Spinners1 3/4" dia Plastic, set of 2 [for FW-56 or TA152]2.49 Eggs for Spinners
Famous Free Flight Models posters, shipped in a mailing tube 24" X 36" Two  posters showing 77 famous models13.99 Page 1

Page 2

FLEEBO48"1955 1/2A Nostalgia by AAL 6.95 FLEEBO 3V FLEEBO Picture
FW-56 Stosser RC48"1/2A Tex. Scale Plan9.95 Stosser
FW-56 Stosser RCNAExtra Hardware1.95 Hardware
FW-56 Stosser RCNAVacuformed parts (4 pcs)8.95 FW-56 Cowl
FW TA-15240"Rubber Scale Jumbo7.95 TA 152H
FW TA-152naVacuformed canopy 3.95 Canopy
FW TA-152 Laser cut semi kit, laser parts only40"Rubber Scale Jumbo31.95 TA 152H
FW TA-152 Laser cut semi kit, laser parts, plans, canopy and spinners40"Rubber Scale Jumbo39.95 TA 152H
Frisco Kid22"CO2 Nostalgia4.95 Frisco Kid
F2G Corsair16"NOCAL1.49 F2G
F8F Rare Bear16"NOCAL1.49 R. Bear
G.E. Cabinette36"Old Timer LASER Semi-Kit26.95 Cabinette
G. E. Cabinette36"Old Timer Plan7.95 Cabinette
See Peanut Set General Western Meteor13"Peanut Part of set Meteor
Glenn Beets Special25"Rub., CO2, Elec. Scale7.95 Glenn Beets
Hansa Airliner16"NOCAL1.49 Hansa
Hughes Racer16"NOCAL1.49 Hughes
IAR 80A34.5"Rubber Scale9.95 IAR 80A IAR Inst. Panel
Lancer30"RC/FF Mini-XL kit29.95 Lancer
Little Bit24"CO2 Sport/Compet.1.95 Little Bit
Longster44.2"1/2A TEX. RC Scale7.95 Longster

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