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Updated: 18 AUG 05

BV-141 Laser kit

The Blohm & Voss BV-141 is one of the most popular AALmps plans. It's an unusual plane and you certainly won't often see another!

Responding to a call for a design with a single engine and maximum visibility, BV responded with this layout. It obviously would provide maximum visibility to the right side! About 10 prototypes were built and the plane was successful except when it came to winning the contract which was taken home by the FW-189.

Seeing the 28 1/4" wingspan rubber model, more than one builder has asked, "How can it fly?" The layout is definitely unusual with a crew body and an engine body, and they are located at differing distances from the center of the wing. At the tail end, the stabilizer has 80+% of its area on one side - again for visibility. When I decided to try the BV-141 as a model, I first built up a NOCAL model which flew nicely - it's on the AALmps NOCAL list. After that, it was a short step to a full 3 dimensional BV-141. On its first flight with only a bit of downthrust [no side thrust or rudder offset], the model climbed and glided straight ahead! It's obvious that the plane doesn't know that we think its layout is screwy. In its first contest, my BV beat out a number of good but conventional models and took a first. Right after that, it took the first 2 rounds in a mass launch, but bit the dust when the motor burst on the next winding.

As I wrote above, the BV plan is one of the most popular here, but I've always felt that a kit would be a good idea. Now that AALmps is getting Bob Holman to laser cut parts, it was inevitable that the BV had to be done. The laser parts are ready now! Here's a picture of the crew body going together:

Those formers aren't much fun to cut out, even though there have been quite a few of these models built from plans. Laser cutting really simplifies building this plane. Look closely and you can see some 1/16" sq glued across the bottom of a couple of the formers - that's because the back end of the crew body gets pulled together and transitions to a portion of a circular cross section. Without those 1/16" sq braces, things get messy. If you don't like the laser charring, it's not necessary to sand off the brown because I recommend painting the whole crew body structure inside with flat black paint. If you're concerned about the front windows, there's an easy solution - I used a few pieces of Saran Wrap, adhered with glue stick - worked great!

What we're offering is the laser cut sheet parts only - you get to pick out and provide sticks, wire, prop [on the prototype model, the prop shown was made from 2 P-30 props - the laser parts include the hub/spinner for that prop], and covering. If you are building for FAC competition, you probably will leave off the landing gear. I don't often have the luxury of the famed 'tall grass' for a flying field, so my model was built with the gear to protect the bottom!

We're offering a couple of ways to buy the BV. Some folks may want only the plan; some may already have the plan; and some may want the plan and the parts.

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