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AAL/mps is a source for competition and sport flying Free Flight and RC model airplane plans and kits. Power types are rubber, CO2, electric and gas. The plans are original efforts, and the prints are crisp and clear to make things easy for builders to follow.

See the

Catalog with pictures items A thru L alphabetically

Catalog with pictures items M thru Z

Catalog with pictures documentation

All of the models have been built and flown successfully, and many have done well in competition. The prototype for each model was built from preliminary plans. After flight testing, any changes or adjustments are added to the plans before the plans are finalized for sale.

These plans and models are intended for modelers with some experience building stick and tissue kits. The NOCAL models provide an excellent return for the minimal time and money invested. Sources for building materials and power sources are listed for all models.


What's New?

Books and Literature Sale

Have been downsizing here in hopes of simplifying things. As a result, I've put together a sale list of items that will be of interest to aviation historians, model engine collectors, SAM flyers and flying scale fans.

Book Sale


Have you ever wondered what model catalogs looked like in the 30s and 40s? Well, we have for you Comet catalogs from 1931 through 1943:

Comet Catalogs


Click here to see the:

Famous Free Flight Models posters!



Our newest laser kit is one that's been in the catalog for a while but now it's been reengineered for laser cutting - the NJAPF [Not Just Another Pretty Face] P-30. Click HERE for details.


Very small RC models:

Very small RC old timers become possible and practical:

The 20 3/4" span Trenton Terror from AALmps' Mini Series 2, fitted with a tiny receiver/esc/bec/servos plus motor/prop, landing gear and battery from the Vapor 2.4 Bind-n-Fly model. See the details at:



Our NEW  Laser cut kit, the: 

Rocketeer A

It's full size at 42" span, 314 square inches. Power can be just about any engine from .15 to .23, diesel or spark ignition, and the model can be flown Free Flight or RC. The plane in the picture is set up for Free Flight and the engine is a Russian replica Elfin 2.49 cc / .15 cu inch. You get CAD drawn plans plus laser cut wing ribs, curved tip parts and a ply firewall.

Get more information plus a "how-to" at:



The Trenton Terror

Here's the Trenton Terror, scaled down to 28" span from the original's 72", set up for electric RC. Legend has it that in 1938, the editor of Flying Aces magazine didn't like the model's original name, Miss Trenton III, so he changed it to the designer's, Mickey DeAngelis' nickname, the Trenton Terror! 

The prototype small model has been equipped with a GWS 4.8 volt motor that has 5/1 gears and a 7X6 prop. Battery is 4X180mah or 4X280 mah Nimh. It flys for about 5 minutes on the small battery and about 9 minutes on the big one. This motor is often used for SoS [Spirit of SAM] models and it can also use 4X350 Nicads which allows it to run at least 12 minutes. Cirrus CS-10 servos are used to drive the rudder and elevator from an FMA M5 receiver. A GWS ESC/BEC is fitted for throttle. Full specs for the equipment are provided in the instructions. 

As a free flight model, you can power the TT with a HiLine Dual Mini-6 electric or similar motors that run at 10-12 watts. A GM120 CO2 would fly it well as would larger CO2s throttled down a bit.

The model in the picture was covered with white Japanese tissue and then sprayed with FAI's polyspan yellow dye mixed with clear nitrate dope. The trim is red dye applied the same way. The wheels may look like rubber Trexlers, but they are actually turned balsa which holds up very well on our desert flying field. The model ROGs [Rise Off Ground] nicely from dirt or well-trimmed grass.

The Trenton Terror was selected as a special model for the 2007 SAM Championships at Las Vegas and that selection prompted scaling it down for fun flying.. The TT is, after all, a free flight model, so our small one will do well there, too. It's a good looking and great flying model - as an RC or for FF. 

You can order the TT as:

~ Plan & instructions

~ Plan, instructions and beautiful laser cut balsa ribs, tips and formers plus plywood motor and landing gear mounts and control horn parts. 

Find the Trenton Terror on the 2nd Catalog page.  


The G.E. Cabinette

The G.E. Cabinette is a delightful little model. It was designed by Frank Ehling for an .097 cu. inch Atom, and was originally published in the June, 1942 Model Airplane News, so itís a legitimate Old Timer. It was also found in the old "Air Age Gas Models" book. 

It's extremely unlikely that there are hundreds of folks out there looking for a plane to fit their Atom, so the Cabinette is offered as a model that is also suitable for 1/2A, large CO2 or electric as a sport Free Flight or RC plane. 

Regarding this model's name, General Electric [GE] made a lot of home appliances and perhaps there was a table radio or refrigerator that was referred to that way? We may never know for sure. The " ette " ending signifies 'small' and the original model was certainly a small cabin model in the days of  7', 8' and 9' wingspan models flown with Brown Juniors and similar large engines!

 Wingspan is 36", same as the original, and with an Atom spark ignition engine it looks like this:

That's the "Mighty Atom" [their advertising slogan from 1940] on my prototype model with its timer made from an old Tick Off fitted with a new faceplate and a slide switch. Performance is surprisingly good with a steep climb and a glide that isn't bad. Equipped with spark ignition, the plane will weigh 10-11 ounces, and with a 1/2A engine and a modern small RC system, it would weigh somewhat less.

Early versions of the Cabinette plans and parts were sent to four test builders. Their comments and suggestions have been incorporated in the final product. This kind of a 'beta' test seems worthwhile and we'll do this again in the future!

This model is shown twice in the Catalog as Cabinette and G.E. Cabinette. 

It is being offered as plans/instructions only or as plans/instructions plus cut laser parts: ribs, tips, formers in balsa plus the plywood firewall. 


The BV-141

The BV-141 is one of our most popular plans. Now with laser cut parts it will be easier to build!


BV-141 Laser Cut Details


NOCAL Laser Cut Sliced Ribs Prices Reduced!


Laser cut kit: the

 FW TA-152H

The TA-152 is a big stick& tissue model - 40" wingspan. It qualifies as an FAC jumbo rubber scale model, but it's fairly easy to build [OK - it's formers on the half-shell like many old scale kits] and to fly. We've also had some customers who indicated that they have built the TA-152 for electric RC, including retractable landing gear!  Plans for this model have sold well for a long while, so it's only natural that it should become our newest laser cut model. Actually, it's a semi-kit - all of the ribs and formers are nicely laser cut by Bob Holman from very nice light 4-6 lb balsa. 

The TA is offered in a few optional forms: separate plans, canopies, spinners, laser parts [if you already have the plans], or the whole semi-kit with plans, a canopy and spinners. Due to enough demand, the laser cutting costs have been reduced - so the laser parts and semi-kit prices have also been reduced! See the listings under FW TA-152 at the



The mini-XL full kits for free flight or RC are still available:






 Our First Laser cut

Mini-XL Kit for Free Flight or RC

Important announcement: the CAVU has recently undergone an equipment update with surprisingly good results. These changes will work as well in all of our other 30" span mini-old timers! Check out the details at 

CAVU Update

CAVU [a 1930-50s pilot's term: Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited] is scaled-down 1938 free flight design from Ken Willard. The original CAVU was powered by an Elf Single, one of the very early model gas engines available for modelers. Ken was probably better known for published and kit sport and amphibian RC models in the 1950-80 era. This model is a classic parasol, with the wing supported on body-mounted struts. As are all of these mini-XL models, the 30" wingspan CAVU is suitable for the free flight FAC electric old timer replica event [power by HiLine Mini-6 or equivalent] or larger CO2 motors [GM 120 or bigger], and for RC flying with a GWS motor. 

As a free flight model, the CAVU won the electric replica event at the 2004 FAC Nationals!

As drawn, the top portion of the body from the cockpit forward is easily removable for access to flight batteries, servos or the CO2 tank. On my prototype model, the top hatch is secured by a pair of those tiny Radio Shack magnets, operating in shear, at the rear of the cockpit. One could easily install a rubber band or wire latch instead, if desired. The few body stringers are 3/32" sq. and are easy to handle.

CAVU is supplied as a complete kit: plans, instructions, laser cut balsa and hand cut ply, sticks, LG and wing strut wire, windshield plastic, balsa headrest and noseblock, and bamboo wing supports. The cut balsa includes laminated wheels, but you could also use SIG's 1 7/16" light plastic wheels, real Trexler air wheels, or turned balsa wheels from Aerodyne [as on the prototype] which look just like Trexlers, but can never go flat. Plywood includes control horns for rudder and elevator plus 2 motor mounts - one for VL or CO2 motors, plus another for the Puma that is located about 1/2" farther back. The price is $30.95 plus 18% postage in the US and Canada. See the catalog sheets for Overseas postage.



Mini-XL Kit for Free Flight or RC

Lancer picture

The Lancer is a little known pre-WW II .60-sized gas model design that has surfaced in full sized form as a strong competitor in SAM [Society of Antique Modeler] RC Old Timer contests. It was a product of the mid-30s and appears to pre-date the better known Cumulus design. A shoulder-wing with high mounted stabilizer and a canopy aft gives it a kind of caricature design. The 30" wingspan Lancer is supplied as a full kit: complete instructions, black line plan from a CAD drawn original, plywood and balsa print wood, sticks, wire and a vacuformed canopy. See notes about rc equipment in the Skylark write-up below.
Price: $29.95 plus 18% postage in the US and Canada. See the catalog sheets for Overseas postage.


Louis Garami's 


Mini-XL Kit for either Free Flight or RC

Perhaps you can see from the pictures why I think this is one of the neatest looking old timer models. Neither a cabin model nor a pylon, the Skylark is definitely distinctive with its curved outlines and the gull wing. Based on experience with previous Mini-XL models, the Skylark will make a great FF competition model for the FAC 'electric replica' event as well as a nice sport model. Specs: 30" wingspan with about 120 square inch wing area; 6.5 ounces total weight as an RC model; 3 ounces as a Free Flight model.

Skylark structure picture

Skylark in flight picture

Power: VL HY50B electric motor with a Tern Aero 6" rubber prop. RC equipment in the prototype model: Hitec Focus 3AM with 2 CS-10 servos and IC-55A micro ESC/BEC; plus battery pack is 8 - 110 mah Sanyo cells.

With the throttle wide open, and trimmed with a little down plus a gentle turn, about 250' altitude is achieved during a 4 1/2 to 5 minute motor run, followed by a neat glide. The climb is strong enough that you won't be limited to dead calm conditions. A low throttle setting allows maintaining altitude at about 10 to 20', "park flying" in a soccer field. All-in-all, the Skylark has been a satisfying project.

Both FF & RC details are shown on the plans, and the kit includes all balsa and ply printwood [motor mount, LG mount, 2 control horns], stick wood, plus wire for LG and pushrods. The price is $26.95 plus 18% postage in the US and Canada. See the catalog sheets for Overseas postage.

See the the other Mini-XLs which are available now as full kits for free flight. These 3 will carry small rc equipment nicely, but do not show rc conversion information on the plans. These are about the same size as the Skylark and Lancer: 120 square inches / 30" wingspan. Price: $26.95 each plus 18 % postage in the US and Canada. See the catalog sheets for Overseas postage.

Pictures: Viking  |  Baby Corsair  |  Strato Streak


Another featured kit is the NJAPF - "Not Just Another Pretty Face" - a simple model for the P-30 event and sport flying. This would make a good first model for someone just getting into competition flying. It's easy to build with a CAD drawn plan plus complete instructions, laser cut ribs and other sheet parts, all stick wood, Peck gray plastic prop plus related hardware, and 2 Tan II Super Sport rubber motors. 

Price: $29.95 plus 18 % postage in the US and Canada. See the NJAPF listing at the catalog sheet .

NJAPF picture



I would like to see and feature pictures of your models built from AALmps plans or kits. You can snail mail them to the address shown below, or, if you have the capability, you can email them in .jpg format to me at aalmps@aol.com. Suggestions for more link sites are also appreciated. Thanks / AL

Catalog with pictures items A thru L alphabetically

Catalog with pictures items M thru Z

Catalog scale documentation: 3 views, pictures, etc

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